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    Would you be friend with that person?


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    Would you be friend with that person? Empty Would you be friend with that person?

    Post  lily25 on Sun Jun 21, 2009 11:51 am

    I post it here because she is pro kids and TTC since last year, and she is a member in the other forum , I don't want her bumping into this...

    Now my problem has nothing to do with kids... Just need to know what you guys think.

    Would you be friend with that person?
    She called me last night to ask me if we can meet today morning at a dog's park and swimming pool for our dogs to play and have fun. I told her I was busy, but because we don't meet often I decided to cancel another meeting.

    I asked her what time was good, and told her that we can't be there after 1 pm. She said alright 11-11.30 am is great. So our appointment was around 11. The dog's park is close to her house (10 min drive) and very far from my house (1 hour drive) and because I don't drive I asked hubby to come along (even if he hates places like that) and he agreed.

    So today we are there 11 sharp and I take my dog to the swimming pool. 1 hour later my friend has not show up and she has not sent a msg, or call. I meet with another girl I know (same group of friends) and she tells me my friend that stood me up is probably at the beach with her fiancee.

    We stay at the dog park until 1 and then we drive to hubby's father to take him for lunch. Hubby commented on my friend "she is quite irresponsible and with bad manners, my friends would never do this"

    Now I'm evaluating my relationship with this friend. I like her because we have same interests, we are almost the same age, we have same taste, she is funny, and we both have dogs. We used to meet for mani pedi every week and then coffee, or do our hair, etc she was a salon khaki, and we sometimes went out to double dates with our SOs.

    We also had created a forum together 2 years ago, and when I had a problem with my shoulder this past winter and couldn't moderate the forum properly (couldn't post for 2 months) she degraded me to a member. When I showed up again she said sorry you are not a mod anymore , if you want to be mod again just ask. I didn't ask because I felt it was more like begging (pls let me be a mod in the forum) when I was rightful mod from the beginning, I did a lot of translations and writing and spend a lot of time building a successful forum. Why should I beg for something it was rightfully mine anyway? Beg for friendship too?

    Anyway she sometimes has this idea she is better than me, but i just laugh it off. Some ppl are overconfident and I don't judge them for it.

    I think with today's behavior not showing up to a meeting, not calling to cancel, I think I've had enough of her behavior. I don't like ppl thinking that my kindness and forgiving character is my weakness and they can just take advantage of me, without consequences...

    What would you do????

    (ps more than 10 hours since our fiasco meeting have passed and still no call or apology, even if I saw her fiancee on line in FB)

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    Would you be friend with that person? Empty Re: Would you be friend with that person?

    Post  Natalia on Mon Jun 22, 2009 2:35 pm

    No, I would drop her like a hot potato. I am becoming less and less tolerant with age and I believe life is too short to waste even moments on people who dont deserve it. A few years ago I would be probably cutting her some slack and say nobody is perfect, la di da, but now no way. These are adults and if they cant act like adults, tough luck. Not worth it.

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